Many people start looking for jobs abroad as a way to start the process of researching and planning to emigrate.

Working abroad can be challenging but it can also literally 'broaden your horizons'. Many jobs value international experience and employers often look favourably on employees who have relevant work experience in another culture.

Jobs in Australia

Moving abroad to another country is a complicated business. Uprooting yourself and your family involves so many different things to research, understand and decide upon.

One key aspect will be the task of finding a job. You may be lucky enough to know that you have skills in demand. Either way, a good understanding of the local job market, the skills in demand and how to find jobs will be critical to getting your foot on the rung of the job market ladder.

Whilst there are many opportunities for migrants with the good skills, it can seem bewildering to work out what skills are needed in which part of Australia. The country actually has a highly-developed programme of identifying current and future skilled worker shortages and there are many resources designed to help migrants and workers match their skills and experience to vacancies, including the government programme called Skill Select.

For an overview of the Job market and an assessment of the sectors and jobs likely to experience the greatest growth over the next 5 years, visit the Emigration Store Guide to the Australian Jobs market.


Jobs in Canada

Many of Canada’s leading industries are urgently looking for skilled migrants to meet local skills gaps. Whilst, overall, employment growth in Canada has been subdued since the middle of 2013, the transition to a high-skilled economy is expected to create many thousands of jobs.

This transition is a key focus of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in a recent report which highlighted that tight labour markets in some areas exist despite high unemployment in others.

The demographic shift, resulting in retirements and a shrinking labour force, is expected to see continuing strong demand for migrant skilled labour to fill the gaps that locals cannot.

The Emigration Store Guide to the Canadian Jobs market will help you understand how you can navigate the jobs market successfully to help make your Canadian dream a reality.


Jobs in New Zealand

Work, unfortunately, can sometimes get in the way of enjoying your new country! However, it is usually quite important when it comes to paying the bills so what is the Jobs market like in New Zealand.

What skills are in demand, which locations are crying out for migrants and what is the typical workplace like?

The Emigration Store Guide to the New Zealand Jobs market will help you understand how to make the best of opportunities for migrants.