Getting proper travel insurance that covers you for all the different aspects of your journey is vitally important.

When you step onto the plane to move abroad, the excitement can almost be overwhelming. Undoubtedly, it will be tinged with sadness and apprehension about leaving family and friends behind and heading off to a completely different life. Make sure that you and your possessions are fully covered en-route as nothing will ruin your first few days in your new home more than having to sort out problems with your outward journey if you don’t at least have the comfort that you had travel-insurance-adtaken out travel insurance.

Why get travel insurance?

The facts are quite sobering. It is generally agreed that the major reason to take out a suitable, comprehensive travel insurance policy is because the cost of having to receive hospital or other medical treatment abroad can be extremely expensive. Consumer research and statistics, compiled for the Foreign Office and the Association of British Insurers and undertaken in 2012 found that

  • A quarter of Brits who holidayed abroad in 2012 failed to take out any travel insurance
  • Some 16% believed that the UK government would pay for their treatment if they fell ill abroad
  • Around 47% thought that the cost of treatment for a broken leg in the US would be around £5,000 - the actual figure is closer to £40,000
  • A stomach bug or infection requiring treatment in a Californian hospital with return flights costs around £100,000
  • 78% of people admitted they wouldn't be able to pay a £10,000 bill
  • 3,793 British people were hospitalised abroad in 2011/12
  • One in three claims on travel insurance is for medical treatment

What if you are emigrating abroad?

If you have taken the decision to move abroad permanently, you still need to ensure that you have suitable cover. Often, people who are emigrating decide to extend the length of their outward journey with multiple stop-off's on the way.

One-Way Travel

The moment you step on the plane to move abroad, your new life becomes centred on your destination country. If you are unfortunate to fall ill en-route, where do you want to be repatriated to? If you are joining family in your destination country, you won't want to find yourself back in the UK apart from your loved ones. If you lose anything en-route and need to make a claim, you will want to do this from your new home rather than having to return to the UK to make a claim.

It is important to get specialist advice from a company who understands the needs of migrants moving from one country to another. You will want a tailored policy that suits your particular needs, whether you are moving on your own or with a family, whether you are flying direct or taking time to travel in different countries. It is also likely that you will want your policy to cover you for a period on arrival in your destination country.

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