Save Money on your Emigration with TorFX

Whether you’ve already emigrated or are still in the planning stages, TorFX can save you both time and money. As one of the UK’s leading foreign exchange companies, we provide unbeatable customer service and offer highly competitive exchange rates on all major currencies, often beating the banks by as much as 3%.

TorFX has been recognised as one of the fastest growing independent companies in the UK and is continually recommended by its corporate and private clients for giving an unrivalled level of service. Customers of TorFX benefit from dealing with a company that applies the highest standards of compliance, has a good credit rating, and operates segregated client accounts.

By registering with TorFX you can receive free daily and weekly currency updates providing a useful summary of the latest exchange rate news. As specialists in currency trading, we spend our time and resources watching the markets for you so you’ll know when the market moves in your favour. With analysts always on hand to discuss market strategies, you can take a proactive approach to your foreign exchange dealings.

As expats often have to move money overseas, they are exposed to the risks associated with erratic foreign exchange movements. TorFX will provide you with a personal Account Manager who will take the time to understand your business needs and work with you in partnership to optimise your international money transfers.

A good example of how TorFX can benefit expats is when it comes to buying a house overseas, as your choice of currency provider can make a massive difference to how much money you’ll have to spend.

There are many stresses attached to purchasing a property in a foreign country. With a combination of strange laws and lots of bureaucratic red tape, it’s a good idea to be aware of the potential dangers to your wallet and sanity. Currency exchange is one of the most important things to ensure you get right when looking to buy abroad.

TorFX can assist in the purchase of your chosen overseas property by ensuring that you secure a competitive exchange rate and see serious savings.

For example, if you were buying a property in France, TorFX could offer you a GBP/EUR rate of 1.40, whereas a bank might only be able to give you 1.38.

If you had £200,500 to spend on your property, TorFX would help you achieve €350,000 –  €5,000 more than the bank.

That money could be put towards renovating your purchase or paying for trips back home.

Additionally, TorFX can eliminate some of the risk of falling foul of a negative shift in the market by allowing you to fix a favourable rate up to two years in advance of a trade.

Furthermore, if you need to transfer money abroad on a regular basis (to manage monthly mortgage payments, for example) then the TorFX Regular Overseas Payment plan (ROP’s) is just the type of service for you. This stress-free service is available for those making regular transfers of between £500 and £10,000 per month, over a minimum period of 6 months. Transfers will be conducted automatically, at a competitive exchange rate, and there won’t be transfer fees or commission costs to pay. You can even take out more than one plan at a time, making it perfect for those people needing to make multiple regular transfers.

Opening a trading account with TorFX is quick, easy and costs you nothing, so you can start saving money today.

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