new-zealand-stunning-glacierNew Zealand's stunning scenery

Will emigrating to New Zealand leave you feeling a long way from home?

New Zealand is rightly praised for its relaxed lifestyle, which appeals to many seeking to escape from their frenetic lives.

In contemplating such a big move, how do you assess the opportunities for jobs in New Zealand, understand the strengths and weaknesses of the economy, assess which New Zealand visa is right for you and your family, work out how your finances will compare and research what the local property market is like in order to make your dream come true?

Quite simply, all you need to make moving to New Zealand a success is found here in the Emigration Store Guide to New Zealand.


statistics-new-zealand-kiwi-regional-facts-and-statistics-2013Source: Statistics New Zealand


Expat Guide to the Economy of New Zealand

The free Emigration Store Expat Guide to the Economy of New Zealand will provide a vast wealth of information about 'the land of the long white cloud'. What sectors are booming, where is the demand for foreign skilled labour the greatest, what is the economic outlook for the economy, what are the prospects for the housing market; all these and more are answered in the invaluable free guide uniquely designed to look at the economy from an expats point of view.


Overview of the Economy

New Zealand is a small, open economy that has undergone significant change in the last 20 years or so. Formerly suffering from a high degree of regulation, the global financial crisis lead to reappraisal of the structure of the economy by the government. Implementing a series of reforms has led the OECD to now rate the economy as one of the least regulated.

New Zealand is highly competitive in agricultural commodities, especially dairy products which form well over 50% of its total exports which, with strong prices, are driving a positive improvement in the country's terms of trade. A rise in exports to China has been a substantial contributor to this and is forecast to continue to improve.

See the Emigration Store Overview of the economy of New Zealand for an invaluable overview of the economy and its drivers.


New Zealand is rightly praised for its attractive lifestyle and despite its location on the other side of the world from the UK, continues to prove popular with Brits seeking a new and better life. Navigating the visa process can prove tricky depending on your skill level, family circumstances and what, if any, level of investment you can make into the country.

The Emigration Store Guide to New Zealand Visas is here to make it easier for you to assess your options, understand the system and help you on your way to making your dream come true.


New Zealand's Islands

New Zealand is made up, in the main, by two narrow and mountainous islands. The North Island, although slightly smaller, has nearly 80% of the population and 80% of the economy. It also has Auckland, the largest city and Wellington the capital.

queenstown-panorama-new-zealandQueenstown, adventure capital of New ZealandThe South island, with its stunning mountains and scenery (think Lord of the Rings) is more focussed on agriculture and tourism, with a cooler climate (in the southern hemisphere, going south means getting cooler).

Whatever lifestyle you want, big city living or running your own remote farm, the Emigration Store guide to the Islands of New Zealand will help you understand the lifestyle and opportunities that each of these beautiful islands offers you.



Quality of Life

One of the most frequently cited reasons for emigrating to New Zealand is for the quality of life. When ever a survey assessing the quality of life in a city or country is taken, New Zealand and it's cities is always found near the top. For example, in the recent Mercer Quality of Living survey, ranking 221 cities, Auckland was place 3rd. So what is it that makes New Zealand so appealing?

The Emigration Store Guide to the Quality of Life in New Zealand will help you assess what is important for you and whether a more relaxed lifestyle with beautiful scenery comes with hidden pitfalls.



Work, unfortunately, can sometimes get in the way of enjoying your new country! However, it is usually quite important when it comes to paying the bills so what is the jobs market like and how easy is it to find work in New Zealand? What skills are in demand, which locations are crying out for migrants and what is the typical workplace like?

The Emigration Store Guide to the New Zealand Jobs Market will help you understand how to successfully navigate the jobs market and, through our partners, help you find a job to make your dream move to New Zealand a reality.



New Zealand is dominated by four Australian banks that make up nearly 90% of the banking sector and over 70% of the financial sector as a whole. Whilst none had engaged in the riskier activities that saw many global banks hit hard during the global financial crisis, the fact that the sector is highly correlated with the economy may be a cause for concern.

Opening a bank is easy isn't it? There's not much to choose between the main banks; they're all the same? Let the Emigration Store Guide to the Banks of New Zealand help you choose your banking partner in New Zealand.



In such a diverse country, across two main islands, with different climates, population demands and economic outlook, which regions are hot and which regions offer value for money in the property market?

The Emigration Store Guide to Property in New Zealand will help you assess the market and understand the trends driving prices and demand; in short where's the best place to buy!



In New Zealand, comprehensive medical care is available to all citizens, residents and holders of a work visa of longer than two years at the point they arrive in New Zealand. If you are eligible under these criteria then any children you have, aged 17yrs or under, will also be eligible.

Visitors to New Zealand are advised to take out private health insurance unless the health services are required as a result of an accident or the visitor is a citizen or permanent resident of either Australia or Great Britain and require urgent medical treatment.

If you want to understand the full picture, the Emigration Store Guide to Healthcare in New Zealand will help you understand the benefits of private health care and what the public sector provides.


Check out this cool infographic. It neatly sums up what modern-day New Zealand looks like in terms of the make-up of its population.

statistics-new-zealand-2013-census-infographic-nzvillage-imageSource: Statistics New Zealand