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Vast and rich, there are huge opportunities for those contemplating emigrating to Canada

A long history of successful immigration has helped build the country and, for those looking to emigrate to Canada, there continues to be many opportunities to change and improve their lives.

However, how can you make sense of the vast scale of the country, assess the state of the economy, how the different Provinces compare? How can you find out what skills are in demand, what jobs in Canada need migrant workers, which visa is most suitable?

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Moving to Canada is as big a decision as the country but is working in Canada really for you? The Emigration Store Guide to Canada will help you work out how to make your dream a reality and to provide you with all the information you need to plan your move successfully.


Expat Guide to the Canadian Economy

Your free Emigration Store Expat Guide to the Canadian economy is designed to help you understand what drives the success of the Canadian economy. With a unique perspective of looking at the economy as a would-be expat, it provides a useful overview of the provinces and their economic prospects, a clear guide to the sectors that are booming, how the labour market is performing, what are the employment prospects for foreign migrants and an overview and outlook for the housing market.

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Overview of the Economy

Canada has enormous economic advantages such as huge natural resources and the world's largest, richest market (USA) right on its doorstep. As a net exporter of energy (with vast gas and oil reserves), huge prairies with highly mechanised agricultural production , a sophisticated service and banking sector and a wealth of other metals and minerals, Canada has weathered the global financial crisis better than most but what does the future hold?

The Emigration Store Overview of the Economy of Canada will help you understand the economy better and how you may be part of it in the future.



Canada is undoubtedly an attractive place to live and work and has welcomed thousands of immigrants as the economy has continued to grow. In Canada immigration is seen as a vital contributor to economic growth. A strong economy has seen ongoing strong demand for foreign workers and the Government has a flexible programme designed to make finding work in Canada as easy as possible for foreign migrants.

Navigating the visa system can be complex and confusing- the Emigration Store is here to help you understand how to maximise your chances of gaining the visa that will make your dream move come true. See the Emigration Store Canada Visa Guide for all the information you need.


Canadian Provinces

Canada is the second-largest country in the world and is divided into 10 different provinces and three territories. The provinces retain considerable autonomy but a series of equalisation payments maintain a level of equilibrium between the richer and poorer provinces. However, each province has its own distinct identity, from the decidedly French feel of Quebec, through the sophisticated appeal of cities of Ontario to the remote wilderness of Yukon. How to choose?

The Emigration Store Canadian Provinces Guide will help you better understand which province offers you the lifestyle and job opportunities that will help you achieve your dream.


Quality of Life

river-rafting-british-columbia-canadaRiver rafting in British ColumbiaCanada is vast and rich. It has stunning mountain ranges and vast prairies. It has bustling international cities such as Toronto and Vancouver and it has some the remotest, coldest settlements on earth. In short, unless you want a tropical paradise, it pretty much offers anything you could want.

What perhaps marks it out most from other popular destinations for migrants is the degree to which migrants have not only shaped the nation but are recognised as vital to continue to allow the economy to grow.

The high-levels of employment, very good education and health care, high incomes and a generally positive attitude make it one of the most popular migrant destinations in the world.

The Emigration Store Canadian Quality of Life Guide will help you understand just what it is that makes Canada attractive to so many migrants seeking a better lifestyle.



Many of Canada's leading industries are urgently looking for skilled migrants to meet local skills gaps. Whilst, overall, employment growth in Canada has been subdued since the middle of 2013, the transition to a high-skilled economy is expected to create many thousands of jobs. This transition is a key focus of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in a recent report which highlighted that tight labour markets in some areas exist despite high unemployment in others.

The demographic shift, resulting in retirements and a shrinking labour force, is expected to see continuing strong demand for migrant skilled labour to fill the gaps that locals cannot. So how can you assess the opportunities?

The Emigration Store Canadian Jobs Guide will help you understand which sectors are expected to show strong demand and how best to take advantage of your work skills to land that life-changing job in Canada.



Banks in Canada generally, and in particular the biggest five, were roundly applauded for the way they navigated the global financial crisis, especially compared to their global peers. The World Economic Forum has rated Canada's banking system as the soundest in the world. A strong housing market and good economic growth have helped the banks financial performance but there remain clouds on the horizon.

How should you choose your bank in Canada? The Emigration Store Canadian Banks Guide will help you decide which bank offers the products and reliability to keep your finances safe and secure.



Recent data from the Canadian Real Estate association shows that, as of March 2014, the national average house price increased by 6% over the year. Activity in the property market is uneven however, with Greater Toronto and Calgary accounting for about one-quarter of all national activity.

The Emigration Store Canadian Property Guide will help you understand the market better and enable you to decide how to make your first step on the housing ladder.



In Canada, the health care system is made up of a public health care system, which is funded through taxes and is administered by the provinces and territories. All Canadians and permanent residents are entitled to apply for public health insurance.

For more information about healthcare in Canada and how to navigate the system, see the Emigration Store Canadian Healthcare Guide

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